I decided to adopt Diesel after seeing his photo. From the moment we brought him home it was as if we had him from a puppy. He has shown that a senior dog has as much stamina as a pup. When we got him he walked for about 20 minutes a day. Now he asks to go out for 2, often for an hour each time. He has learned to leave the swans alone, is excited to greet everyone on his walk and loves going for drives. Everyone comments how much younger he looks since being with us. We love how excited he is to see us when we come home from being away or when we get up in the morning. Our holiday to Lorne was memorable. Diesel loved it as much as us. We discovered he loved the beach (what joy it brought us to see him so happy). He constantly makes us laugh with his cheeky personality and brings us calm when we see him sleeping peacefully after a full day of adventure. An amazing dog we are blessed to have in our lives.

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