After losing two of our pocket puppies. Our remaining rat, Suki, had become a shadow of her former sassy self. Hiding away and withdrawn. She was always independent of her humans but without her mischief (and mine), we were both struggling with the grief.

On arriving at the rescue (a little carrier in tow for Suki), we met Rachie and two little girls to be Udon and Miso.

Suki has since taken the role of teaching her little sisters everything she can, how to build nests, destroy cardboard and become sassy rats. Udon loves attempting to worm her way into your sleeves (especially when you're attention is elsewhere). During play wrestles Miso loves to be tickled and could power a small home with the speeds she can reach on her wheel. Their charm has softened even Suki, who like her sisters, demands shoulder rides and a warm lap to sleep on.

They've been a such a joy to our lives, especially for Suki. Rats live such short, but incredible lives and through me (and people like Rachie), I hope they will only ever know happiness.

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