Twiga was a gentle shy dog when we had our 'meet & greet' July 2020. A week later he came for his weekend trial and settled in with big dog Mia (age 9) and little dog Lucy (age 16). He was so gentle with Lucy and began to be playful with Mia in between cuddles and naps near the heater. It was only 24 hours to know he had found his 'fur-ever' home.
Each week was a joy to see him relax with Lucy in the sun or romp with Mia in the water at the dog beach. There were many new experiences for him including eating whole fresh sardines and swimming with the ducks at a friend's farm.
Saying goodbye to Lucy in November was sad but Twiga was so gentle with her in her last days, and buoyed Mia in her grief.
My plans for a medium size dog were obviously not achieved. Size of dog is not the relevant quality – it is the size of the heart that counts. Twiga is wonderful company to me and Mia. He is funny, caring, affectionate, enjoying the lazy days at home or adventures as a family.

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