I brought Turbo home as a 2-day old orphan foster-kitten needing 3-4 hourly bottle feeds for the first few weeks. It's not unusual for bottle-fed kittens to grow slowly but Turbo failed to thrive, still weighing 250g at 6 weeks old and rushed to the RSPCA Animal Hospital 4 times, close to death. I can't praise the amazing vets and nurses more highly, as each time I thought I was going to lose him, they would give him another chance at life.
Fast forward a few months and Turbo finally reached 1kg and time to return him for desex and adoption…but after everything I'd been through with him could I give him up? No! Plus it was my birthday, so Turbo, my sickly little foster kitten, came home with me, permanently!
Turbo's slow start in life has not affected him at all – he's a robust 5.5kg ginger boy who now co-fosters the kittens I take care of. He mothers them and makes them feel welcome and loved while teaching them about catly respect.

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