When I saw that beautiful Taloola had been abandoned on a beach with no shelter, food or water my daughter and I knew we had to foster her. Within days she had been dropped off to us and won over our hearts. Tully started shopping up onto the top bunk bed and sleeping with my 6-year-old daughter which we thought was super cute… little did we know that she was pregnant and nesting!

A week after Tully came to live with us she gave birth to 8 kits on Hazel's bed. This was a huge surprise to us, especially Hazel who went into the bedroom to check on Tully and came out saying "there are rats in my bed!" We were all in shock and awe, not having any clue about raising baby rabbits. The Rabbit Sanctuary came to the rescue and gave us so much support and put us in touch with other carers who had experience raising baby rabbits. One of them even dropped a bag of bunny fur to my door to keep the babies warm.

My children are learning a lot about care and empathy raising the kits and our hearts have grown x 9!

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