We had been looking at adopting a cat for some time when we saw Truffle’s adoption notice. She had been in care since she was 2 days old. We took one look at her little face and her black fur speckled with grey and applied.
When we arrived at Truffle’s carer’s home and she opened the door, Truffle came out and gave us both a little nose boop and led the way to show us around.
And it turns out black cats are good luck – as we adopted ours on Halloween!
We quickly fell in love with Truffle as she came out of her shell and showed us her quirks. She loves to play and if there is a bit of water in a bucket or a bath she’s playing in it! She also shows a lot of love, giving nose boops often, demanding pats when we’re relaxing for the evening, and is always the first to opt for a Sunday movie and a cuddle.
Truffle teaches us to slow down for a play and cuddle and make the most of life’s little things. And her playful energy, even at 3 years old, keeps us on our toes!

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