We were on a temporary hiatus from fostering after adopting 2 previous fosters, but when we saw Toof stuck at a pound with no carers available, we knew we had to help. Toof was a REW and only 4 months old, but had severely overgrown teeth and needed immediate surgery to be able to eat and drink properly. He had his teeth extracted the next day, and we were told he might only be able to eat chopped up food from then on. But 2 days later, he was already chewing on long thick strands of hay! His cuddly personality blossomed, and without teeth in the way he gave us LOTS of kisses and would ask to be picked up and cuddled! He also learned tricks like “spin”, “up” and “paw” immediately, faster than any other foster. He was incredibly pure-hearted and trusting from the start, and if not for our 2 buns, we would’ve adopted him in a heartbeat. We had 1 wonderful month with him before he was adopted by the perfect family. Currently, for my design honours project, I am designing a children’s activity book in his honour to raise awareness for rescue pets and rabbits!

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