Tommy is a blind border collie, and when I adopted him he was about 5 years old. He wasn't only blind, but had some very bad internal injuries, which mean he has always been on a special diet. However, he was very confident and once he got to know the house, and the various dogs parks we visited he felt right at home. It was obvious he didn't like squeaky toys (if another dog had one in the park, he would run back to the car). To make sure that he was OK to walk and run off lead we went to Masterclass Agility training – where he could jump onto tables, run through tunnels and balance on see-saws. He loved the tunnels the best. When he (or Me!) got too old for that, we started visiting Aged Care facilities and bringing joy to the people there. Tommy loved them and the apples they would give him.
Now he volunteers as a Story Dog at the local Primary School and listens to the kids read story books to him. He likes the ones about dogs the best! Such a happy chappy:)

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