I followed Cat Adoption Foundation on Facebook after adopting a kitten from them previously. One day the most beautiful 2 year old ginger boy with the saddest eyes popped up on my news feed and I just knew that he needed to join our family. I was at work so I called my partner and told him we HAD to adopt this beautiful kitty! He said to me that if he was still available once I finished work, he was obviously meant to be.
By the time I'd finished work, I called up CAF and was told that he'd already been adopted – I was devastated.
As soon as I walked in the front door, my partner and son came up to me and led me into our guest bedroom where my other son was holding the beautiful ginger boy! Little did I know, the foster mum was in on it as my partner had warned her I'd be calling after work! Technically, the cat had been adopted, the foster mum just didn't say who to! Tommy is the most beautiful loving kitty, I'm so glad I fell in love with his picture that day ❤

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