Six years ago I was having one of the most difficult moments of my life. Someone important had passed away and That was when I first met Olivia. Olivia was this tiny orange cat with big floppy ears, and with the biggest heart ever. She gave me hope and a reason to put me back on my feet.

Years later, I was diagnosed with depression. However, I could feel something inside me saying that, while helping myself going through this, I should also help others. That was when I decided to become a foster career!
Kira came to us straight away from the “kill list “ we both needed each other.
The most clumsy cat, always happy, always playful, she brought so much joy to our lives, showing me the best point of view for everything. I was feeling loved and I could love again! She gave me strength to survive and go through the process of get my mind in a better place.

We are now a family of 5 cats, and there’s only one thing I have to say:
My cats saved my life from depression, and I saved them from the streets.

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