As a family that owns a number of pets we realised that we had the time, space and money to help more. After seeing a post from The Rabbit Sanctuary on Facebook looking for more foster carers I thought why not? I filled in the paperwork and within days we were on our journey helping bunnies find their forever families. To date we have fostered 10 bunnies (1 of which we loved just so much we kept). Our current fosters are Toffee Boy & Coco Girl it was a very sad surrender by a loving family who had issues with their landlord. We have kept in contact with them showing their bunnies well looked after and happy to ease their sadness. My entire family enjoy spending time with Toffee and Coco they are super cute and friendly and love pats and exploring. My teenagers are always letting them out of their pen to have a run and a play. Toffee Boy & Coco Girl have recently been adopted by their forever family but due to the current lockdown we are unable to transport them yet. I share pictures and videos with the family and they can't wait to meet them.

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