In May 2017 our lovely Springer Spaniel Stella passed away at the age of 12. She and her brother Milo had, for many years, brought my daughter Millie and me joy, and made us laugh every day of their lives.

Since Milo had left us a couple of years before we had been on the look out for a rescue dog. Now, dogless and broken hearted, we continued the search.

One evening, a couple of weeks later, I looked at the Lost Dogs Home website and couldn’t believe my eyes. There, sitting up straight with an “l’m a good girl” look on her face was a beautiful 10 month Springer called Toffee.

I worked the next day but Millie was down there when they opened and Toffee joined our family.

At the start she was, like her photo, an amazingly good girl. She was so quiet and well behaved. For such a young dog of such a lively breed she seemed so sedate! Well, that did not last long! Every day she got more confident and found her bounce and her bark.

Light of our lives, hilarious, frighteningly intelligent, Toffee was the force of nature we needed. Our sweet girl.

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