I lost my previous Cavalier (Patch – a blenim ) in two days before Christmas of December 2016. After a few weeks I realised that I needed to home another Cavalier. I had had some contact with the Cavlier King Charles Society of NSW, and so I talked them to see if they had a rescue Cavalier available.

Mid-February 2017 I went to meet my potential new pal at the pub at Sutton Forrest (the couple who handled rescues lived in Wollongong and so drove up to meet me). The first words she said to me were "he is a beautiful boy, however, if you don't want him then that is perfectly fine." It was love at first site. Toby is a Ruby Cavalier, with the most beautiful coat, and fine facial features. His previous owner lived in Glebe and had passed away. Ultimately he ended up with the CKCS for rehoming with a new career.

As typical for rescues, Toby took around six weeks to adjust to his new home. He has been with me now for 27 months, and he is a very happy, funny, lively, beautiful boy, he loves to walk and be with other dogs. Peter!

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