After moving into a delapidated, abandoned apartment persuant to needing a quick accomodation solution because of violence at our former address, towards the end of that rushed, almost frenzied moving day we discovered, cowering, trembling and obviously traumatised, two beautiful little battlers, cats clearly under nourished and unkempt. For us, this unexpected discovery made our own recent painful dramas simply melt away and fade to nothing; we were overwhelmed with love and compassion for them. A mature boy and a girl of about six months old. we immediately named the inexplicably three legged boy-cat 'Tipsy' and the tiny, underweight and unsocialised girl 'Pickaninni' – 'Ninni' for short. I cannot imagine a more fortuitous and mutually beneficial twist of fate for both these two and we two. We came into each others lives at a certain moment, a particular juncture when we four all felt a bit beaten and battered by life's tumults, we all had a need for love, and objects to lavish our love upon. On reflection, I am quite certain none of us could have moved on, healed and got back on our feet as well as we have without each other: Nate, Taz, Tipsy and Ninni.

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