Tilly I saw with others up for adoption and not knowing if I could afford to adopt, once that was worked out I contacted S.M.A.R.T hoping she was still there, which she was and they brought her down for me. Tilly has become playful also good protector, no longer a scared 3 month old pup. Tilly came to my family not long before I had hurt my back and she still paid attention as I done my best to train her. Tilly loves my family even the extended one. Tilly is six this year and the last 18 months I have had some very major physical issue and PTSD due to it. Even though Tilly is not trained as a assistance/therapy dog, she seems to know when I start going down mentally (thinking of ending life) Tilly is sitting beside me with paw on my lap and won't leave till I respond to her and once we have a long cuddle she knows the rough has passed but will lay at my feet for a while afterwards looking up at me every few minutes. I am so glad I got her.

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