My mum was diagnosed with terminal cancer and was in palliative care, having always had cats sadly her older cat passed away and Mum was left without a companion, living by herself she was lonely so she was very edger to get another mate. Being terminal Mum knew she didn’t have long so didn’t want a young cat, more a older or ill cat so they can live out the rest of there short life together.

Tiger was surrendered to safe after his owner unfortunately couldn’t keep him anymore due to having to live in with his sickly grandad. Tiger was a 23 year old ginger cat and needed a special person to live out his days with. After safe searched for a carer for a while and tiger spending time at cat haven i managed to adopt him for my mum and he was the perfect companion. He sat on her lap and followed he left around. He was a special friend. It made her really happy. Sadly 3 months after Mum adopted tiger she took a turn for the worst and was admitted to hospice, so tiger came to live with me. Mum died 3 weeks later

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