Tiger was 4 weeks old when rescued from a plastic bag inside a dumper bin by the police. Hes transforned our lives from negative to positive in one single cuddle. He's travelled Australia 8 times with 5 other rescues, 2 dogs and 3 other cats. The cats are harnessed, with seatbelts ontop of the dog crates, best companions ever. Tiger is amazing at interpreting our moods and knows exactly how and when to show us his love. He has amazing intuition and just knows when were sad or happy. Were so glad to share his journey of life with him and we wouldn't change a thing. We feel very blessed to have him in our family. We've shared over 210,000 kms in the car on short and long trips. Whether it be visits to the vets where he's known as a VIP, very important pussy-cat, to family fun at the park, beach, nullabor, and more. He has accepted every rescue as well, including teaching the other 3 rescue cats how to be indoor cats and awesome travelling companions. He will always hold our hearts in his little paws and continue to brighten each and every day of lives together.

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