We went looking for a companion dog for my Dad after his wife died very suddenly in 2013 .He had been looking after her 24/7 for several years with vascular dementia. We met Tiger (Brittany x Beagle) who was looking very slim at 16kg but she had terrible separation anxiety. Her foster carers had got her down from 26kg. Her owner had been taken to hospital and she had been left in the house by herself. My Dad was a priest, he took Tiger for a walk every morning and evening and with him to church 5 days a week. She figured out how to get pats from everyone at church and clean the floor as well! All the children love her. When Dad lost his car, she guarded it until the police found it, and her, she spent the morning in the lock up! When my Dad got cancer she was the best little nurse and licked his hand to make him feel better. When he died she came to the funeral and made everyone feel better . She has looked after us ever since, now 13yo, she has a wonderful sense of humour and has changed many lives.

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