I went down to the RSPCA to adopt a small shih-tzu cross it was 4 years old and happy and healthy good with kids and good with other dogs but unfortunately there was a Muddle up and I met Tidus.

He was six years old, had a range of pre-existing health conditions, was emasiated and has serious fear aggression.

I said I wasn't in a position to take him as he would require a lot of work and yet when I looked around the shelter again I knew I couldn't leave him there.

I took him home and his fear aggression was so severe I couldn't couldn't even walk him down the street with out a double harness and a Martingale collar.

I tried many dog trainers with no success until I met one trainer in particular who changed our lives. Tidus went on the Million Paws Walk that year and I went on to opening my own dog business to benefit other dogs with behaviour issues now every day we go out with around 20 Dogs to amazing locations around Perth. My life has changed so much and I get to spend every day with amazing dogs and Tidus.

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