Tia is a Persian we adopted 2 years ago. I fell under her spell the second I saw her adoption profile: her beautiful picture and tragic story instantly bonded us in a way I cannot explain. She had health issues like cat herpes, cat flu, and ringworm which caused 50% of her fur to fall out. Plus, she was already 6+ years old at the time, and everyone knows older cats are always harder to rehome over cute kittens. Tia had some local enquiries, but no one willing to love her regardless and give her a forever home. Although the rescue didn’t normally allow interstate adoptions, they made an exception for us. Tia flew to our home (and into hearts) and has been a blessing since day 1. She has the most precious soul and fills our days with indescribable joy and love. Her talkative meows, the way she follows you around, and her warm cuddles are just a few of the ways she affirms what we’ve known all along: she’s exactly where she is supposed to be. My motto: never overlook an animal based on health or age: they have the same love to give, if not more.

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