Tia is our absolutely GORGEOUS 9 year old Persian rescue cat. She entered into our family 3 years ago and it feels as though she's been with us since the beginning of time. She fits into our family so beautifully; whether it's lovingly pawing at our legs when we are in the kitchen, snuggling up with us on the couch on movie night, or tickling our faces with her curly whiskers when she gives us kitty kisses! You would never believe that she came to us after suffering a terrible previous life (she was neglected and had to be rescued after her owner committed suicide), and although her trauma made her very weary of us at first, we gave her the proper space and support for her to come to us on her own terms and we've never looked back. There is nothing more special than sharing an unbreakable bond with a rescue animal, especially if they've unfathomably been mistreated in the past. We most certainly feel like we are the lucky ones to be gifted with such a wonderful furry family member to share our love with!

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