I hoped and dreamed to adopt a female blue staffy and to call her Thelma. I had been searching for a rescue dog for about six months (not locked into it being blue, a female or a staffy!) when my friend invited me to the RSPCA to have a look, I politely declined. A few hours later he texted me a photo of the most beautiful staffy, I replied instantly asking if it was male or female. He replied and told me she was a female and her name was Thelma! I couldn’t believe it, and rushed over and fell in love with her straight away.
Although terrified, she was comfortable enough with my previously adopted dog and I brought her home (they later became best friends). She was an incredibly anxious, shut down dog who showed little joy in the world and all the signs of previous abuse. Despite still being anxious she finds so much joy in life and fills my life with joy. I think we found confidence through each other and I couldn’t imagine my life without her now!

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