We entered the world of adopting senior dogs 7yrs ago. In this time we’ve loved and been loved by 28 precious souls. Every time we lose an oldie we adopt another. Not to replace them, how could you? But there’s sadly always an old dog looking for a forever home

We currently have eight senior dogs. Our passion is to make sure each dog who arrives in our home is given the opportunity to both give and receive as much love as possible. They visit nursing homes/schools/the elderly in their home sharing love and cuddles

The Team have given our local community as well as the online community so much joy and happiness doing what they do best, sharing love.

The Team truly have become senior dog ambassadors encouraging people to adopt a senior dog from rescues or pounds. They’re a testament to what senior dogs can do when given the opportunity. So many people have contacted me informing me they’ve adopted or will adopt an old dog because of the Team. What a wonderful legacy, a true impact of the difference they’ve made in this world.

We’re truly blessed to have had them in our lives for however long.

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