Sugar came into our lives after years of wanting a cat, but never being in the right circumstances. When we finally had a place of our own we looked on PetRescue, and immediately fell in love with her. We both have disabilities, mental health issues and chronic illnesses, but Sugar makes everything seem brighter with her loving personality. We met her when she was an incredibly shy one-year-old who had already borne two kittens and was living in a foster home with many other cats. She hid under the bed for the first few hours in her new home, but by the end of that day she was curled up by our feet, and has grown more confident, playful and sweet every day. She sits on the edge of the tub while we bathe, lies on my belly and purrs when I have chronic pain, chats to us while we cook, and brings so much joy to us constantly. Any time things seem really difficult, we just give her a snuggle, and know that no matter how much we might have helped her by giving her a loving home, she does more for us just by being our lovely pet.

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