We tried to adopt a dog from the RSPCA for ages & one day we found Stormy, who was nervous and shy, but loved my kids & wagged her tail when they patted her. She is the best family member ever, she is never cranky with us, she talks to us in her kelpie woof and is the best fur sister to her foster bunny brother, who she lets climb on her & doesn’t move. She fills our hearts with joy every day and keeps her dad company when he goes running. She is getting older and can only do the 5kms not 10km runs. She has been sister to 3 foster dogs and loves when Nanna’s chihuahua visits. She is the best companion and made the drudgery of Covid isolation that little bit more bearable. She is always happy to see us when we come home & keeps me company when I’m working from home. Our life is so much better with her included, she even makes doing washing bearable. She is the bestest dog ever and the whole extended family and friends love her too. Anyone she hasn’t liked has been trouble in our lives, she is psychic!!

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