Corey, 13, is the animal whisperer. When we first saw Stormer at the RSPCA she was a skinny, scared, little girl of 16 weeks. Stormer joined Tiger and Snuggles our two cats.

Stormer and Corey quickly formed a very close bond. Corey is autistic and it is very hard to express his feelings, Stormer seems to know whenever he is sad, upset or sick and she follows him everywhere and snuggles up at night, calming him and helping sleep. The closer the snuggle the more joy imparted.

Over the last four years Stormer has become an outgoing, affectionate, fun loving member of our family. Ambushing unsuspecting visitors by jumping on their laps for doggy kisses. She is still a sock theif but we love her and feel blessed that she found us and grateful to the RSPCA for letting us adopt her.

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