After we adopted Starbuck from Wet Noses Animal Rescue I knew that I wanted to volunteer so I could help other cats like her. Since that time we've had a handful of fosters, one of which was our foster fail, Macey. It took months for her to become comfortable with anyone, and now she's my affectionate little snuggle buddy who sleeps next to me every night.
As well as fostering I run the rescue's Instagram account, help with the Facebook page, and organised the first cat yoga fundraiser in the city (possibly the state), while my husband volunteers his time taking photos. Not only did we adopt our darling Starbuck, but because of her we also have Macey and I've had the opportunity to meet so many people and make some great friends. It all started with seeing the face of a sassy little black kitten online and knowing we had to meet her and adopt her. Starbuck and Macey aren't just cats, they're our family and we love them so much. We're so greatful for them!

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