My baby was abused in her previous life. She was unwanted and scared, terrified of men. She would urinate every time a man entered the room, and cower in the corner if anyone slightly raised their voice. It took a while for her to trust men and people again, but 5 years on and she loves anyone and everyone. She still struggles with anxiety (mainly seperation) but I can tell she knows she’s safe and loved. For an animal that’s had such trauma, she couldn’t be any more perfect. She’s great with kids, cats, people, and most of the time you wouldn’t even know something bad once happened. She’s the sunshine in my life and is attached at my hip. We truly are best friends, and as someone who has struggled with connection and anxiety myself, she’s helped me be comfortable in my life. I think we both got so lucky that we found each other, and it so nearly didn’t happen, but I’m so glad it did. She was my first true love and while I plan on adopting many animals in my future, this is a bond that can never be replicated.

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