Sprocket was only 4.4kg when I adopted him (should have been 7-8) – supposedly unable to gain weight according to his previous owner. He gained over 1kg his first week with me. He was lethargic, scared and a shell of a dog. He didn't know toys, he flinched when you pet him, he was desperate for love. Since he joined my family, he has blossomed. He is on a high quality diet, his coat is amazingly soft and healthy, he loves to play and he is always 'on'. He has energy! He isn't the cuddly dog I adopted (we think he literally had no energy due to malnutrition), but I prefer him with a spark in his eyes. He is cheeky and stubborn and so very intelligent. He is absolutely rocking his obedience classes and getting everyone to fall in love with him. He loves adventures, eating and being loved. He is a completely different dog and I adore every part of him. He healed my heart from the loss of my senior dog last year, and I like to think that I healed his spirit.

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