Spike joined our family on 31/5/14 from Bundaberg, Qld. He was wandering the streets, picked up, placed in the pound, unclaimed placed on death row. His last minute rescue saw us adopting him 24 hours after being placed on Pet Rescue. We fell in love and the rest is history. Spike is an exceptional little man. He has completed 4 levels of training, gained his Community Canine Certificate and has spent lots of time at doggy day care. Spike is a volunteer therapy dog with Therapeutic Dog Services and is very popular. The difference he makes to people's lives amazes me each and every time we visit the hospital palliative care, stroke and mental health wards including the mental health jail ward and disability groups. Last week we visited the Uni of Adelaide students on their de-stress day prior to exams. Spike was swamped by students, wagging his stumpy tail, performing tricks and cuddling his way into a lot of hearts. Spike had an injured eye when we adopted him and sees the Eye Vet every 6 months taking the examination in his stride. He is one in a million and we wouldn't have it any other way.

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