Spike the 3rd. It took me 20 months to convince hubby to adopt after losing our beloved ACD twins in 2012. Brent took one look at the pet adoption poster of Spike (PKA Rocky) and said you'd better get him. Spike arrived via Jetpets from Bundaberg Qld, very scared and unsure. Within 2 weeks he came out of his shell, we did 4 levels of training and he obtained his Community Dog Certificate. He is so endearing with people, I knew I had to share him. We joined Therapeutic Dog Services in 2016 and spent a lot of time volunteering in palliative care, mental health and stroke wards in hospitals, disability groups sharing his love of tricks and brushing his teeth after treats. He also was a star at stress free days in Universities and was guest of honour at hospital morning teas. Spike has also been into a jail (mental health) where he was taught extra tricks. He also shared the limelight with a resident chicken at Bedford Industries going for walks with the clients and the chook (who sat on a walker). Now retired at 10 years he is living his best life on the Yorke Peninsula coast.

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