I initially fostered Sparkles from Campbeltown pound. She was on the kill list. Natasha from rescue cat adoption asked if I could foster her. Sparkles was a scared cat and couldn’t be placed with other cats. She was initially adopted from the pound twice and returned back because she wasn’t socialising.
I live alone and I’m an introvert. Don’t have much friends and don’t socialise either . It was a match made in heaven. It took nearly a month for Sparkles to come around and almost a year for her to trust me completely. I was patient enough and now we are inseparable. She is the love of my life. Everyday when I come back home from work she greets me at the door and rolls on the floor for tummy rub. It feels really good to be loved. She is my best friend. I don’t have to come to an empty home anymore. I adopted her because I didn’t want her to feel abandoned ever again. She has a forever home now

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