We lost our Greyhound Rory in a dog attack 2 years ago, it was a very distressing time for us. I was lonely without a dog to love so started to look for a rescue dog about 3 weeks later. Seeing Pumpkin on the SafeWA site I was just drawn to her, she is such a unique and beautiful looking dog, I couldn't stop thinking about her. I just knew she was meant to be. We adopted her a week later, renamed her Sophie Pumpkin. She was so nervous and skinny. We slowly fed her up to a healthy weight and as the weeks went by she started to trust us, though it took a long time she eventually realised she was safe, in her forever home. Sophie is now the sassiest dog and has just welcomed a new rescue sibling into her life who she loves to torment. Sophie saved us from spiralling into a dark place after losing Rory. She brings endless joy, sass and love into our lives. They say saving a dog doesn't change the world but it changes the world for that dog, but She changed our world too, for the better.

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