When we met soku in 2017 he was already 4 1/2 years old and he wanted nothing to do with us and would growl and bark at us because he was so scared and had so much anxiety but the foster carers told us to give him a chance so we stayed and waited for him to be ready and eventually he came over for a pat that was when it all started. Me being me I said I love a challenge and we decided to adopt him, he has since then become the PERFECT! Dog we fell in love with him and watched him come out of his shell every day and jump through hoops from being male aggressive to being the sweetest, obedient, gentle, most loyal boy we’ve ever met! We loved him so much we decided to become foster carers and now foster puppies and kittens which he absolutely loves and help show them a life of love because he showed us what rescue love really is which we are forever greatful for. He is the Perfect rescue dog and shows such a long journey I can’t even begin to explain In 200 words. My soku ❤️

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