I give thanks every day that snuggles is in my life. She is the most loving ,affectionateand loyal cat. When I got her she was a timid anxious cat and now she is a beautiful cat.I love her personality and if she does not like something she can get very resistive ie when I take her to the vet for her vaccination, but this makes me love her more, because after she hisses at the vet and tries to swipe at him she then smooches in to my face when I pick her up.Thats probably why the vet said she is in charge and has attitude but she is a very healthy cat with a beautifully shined coat.I got her in January 2009 from RSPCA at the then Fairfield shelter now at Wacol and a could not of had a better matched cat for me.I believe the RSPCA need all the help they can get

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