From the first moment I saw Snow White I knew that she was going to be a perfect fit for our adopted family of feather and fur. Unfortunately, due to COVID I wasn't able to go and meet her for two weeks and I was worried that she would be adopted before i was allowed to go to Sydney. When the day finally arrived and I got to go and meet her, I found out that she had been at the rescue centre for 6 weeks, no one wanted her because she wasn't tame.
Even during a time where everyone was isolated and lonely, no one would give her a chance.
She wouldn't let me get within two metres of her that day.
I took her home and a few months later Snowy had completely transformed. Today she loves cuddles, pats and kisses and she hates it when I leave her.
She is the most amazing companion and It has been so rewarding watching her confidence and trust blossom into the friendship we share today. I am so lucky she came into my life and it's been an incredible experience earning her trust and friendship.

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