Snoopy the Beaglier was left alone in an apartment with his mate Zoro, a Lab when his owner was rushed to hospital with a condition that was an emergency. She left food for them but could not arrange a place for them to stay. As a result, Snoopy and Zoro were rescued but separated even though they were a bonded pair. Snoopy came to me as I rescue beagles anc he was an anxious wreck- would obsess over shadows, flickering lights, had separation anxiety. This was a year and a half ago. We already had a senior beagle who made him
Feel at home and we smothered him with attention. He is a needy boy who shows his love and slowly calmed down with natural ocd medication. His senior mate passed a few months after he came to our place and he felt lonely again. So we rescued another beagle his age and the two are frenemies- compete with each other for our attention when we are home and hang around together when we are not. I cannot imagine life without my rescue beagles- they are my stress busters and fur babies.

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