Everyone talks about their childhood dog.. the one that was there through all their milestones. Well for me, it wasn’t a dog, it was my two bunnies. Binky and Smudge came into my life when I was 15. I contacted a rescue and asked if they had any bunnies suitable for my home. Binky was one of the bunnies suggested for me, but was described as an undesirable colour, and many people didn’t want her! I thought she sounded so sweet, and didn’t care about looks (although I think she is the cutest!) and so I adopted her and her brother smudge, as bunnies are happiest in pairs. They were born into the rescue after their mum was dumped and presumably got pregnant to a wild male.
They have been with me now for 8 years and have taught me so much. They’ve driven my love for bunnies and passion about animal advocacy. I have spent a lot of time learning about proper rabbit care (there are a lot of misconceptions!), and constantly striving to give them the best possible life. They’ve really shown me just how underrated bunnies are as companion animals. I love them to bits.

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