Like a lot of people, 2020 was a tough year. And even in 2021, the feeling of loneliness had well and truly crept in. That was until we adopted an 8-week old Husky mix puppy who would change our lives in more ways than we thought! Skylar is a rescue pup, apart of an unwanted, unplanned litter, dumped at the shelter with no more than a ‘Cya Later’. When we brought her home, she didn’t even know what a bed was, and would sleep on the floor. We’ve had Skylar for four weeks now, and my oh my, what an incredible, strong, feisty little one she is! We have conversations with each other (typical Husky), she has managed to become toilet and crate trained, and now sleeps all day everyday in her bed. We love her so much, and spend every minute of everyday reminding her she is home and is so loved. We don’t even have time to think about how lonely we felt before, because having a puppy is a handful! But people tell us how lucky Skylar is to have found us, but really, we’re the lucky ones to have found her.

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