Skip came into our lives when he needed a foster home over the Christmas period of 2020.
Being an FIV positive cat, he had developed an ear polyp that required daily medication, and future surgery.

We fell in love with Skip instantly. What started as a very shy cat, scared of noises and strangers, has grown into an incredibly affectionate boy, who zooms around the house and drifts around corners. He sneaks up on us, jumps out and runs away.
He runs to the front door and meows when he hears his Dad come home. He is so full of personality.

The amazing people at SCAR fundraised for his surgery, which was a huge success. He had to have a full removal of his left ear canal, and now his left ear, slightly lower than the right, adds to his character.

Skip is now thriving in our home. He loves visitors because it means more pats. He brings so much comfort, companionship, and joy into our home. He is such a beautiful boy, and we are so grateful to have found him.

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