Sir Sassypants (Sassy for short) was found wondering the streets of the Central Coast. He got his name after he attacked his rescuer. His rescuer was so scared of him that she was messaging me whilst standing on a table, worried she'd be attacked again. Sassy would attack as soon as you entered his pen and if you were sitting on the floor. Her would not only bite, but latch to your skin and not let go. I have several scars from those first few months. I spent several months working with Sassy and rehabilitating him using the Snuggle Coat Technique. In the beginning Sassy would latch on to the coat but with time relaxed and felt safe. As of today I can pick Sassy up and instead of Sassy latching on, I get lots of kisses! Sassy has helped educated others on the Snuggle Coat Technique on our Youtube channel. Whilst working with Sassy I realised I couldn't let him go and I decided to adopt him. He wasn't a bunny that was highly adoptable (we are still working on his behaviour!) so I have given him the safe home he deserves. I love him as he is.

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