On 15 May 2020, Dr Belinda was right that Simby would suit me! He’s beautiful, purry and my loving companion! He now has lots of nicknames.
Sim has cured my COVID blues. Patting him 40 plus times a day is my happy pill! There’s no time to be lonely.
Simbyboy enjoys being out in the garden, mounting guard on the top of my car, sitting on the kitchen bench when I’m cooking and chatting. He’ll also jump on the table, sit on my paperwork begging me to admire him, give caresses, cuddles and compliments and I do.
Simboy licks my hand all over after I go out. Lately he’ll bounce up on his back legs to greet me. He’s smart, mastering the cat flap. He knows when the craft people come across the road and he can tell me when it’s going to rain- and he’s always right!
Simby is happy flopped down anywhere. In my bed he expertly warms my knees at night.
Sim-Sim has helped the grandies whisper. He cheers family when he purrs over the phone. He’s making our other cat more sociable! Wow!!
I’m grateful that with my amazing Simba we’re living happily ever after now!

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