My husband and I adopted our greyhound, Shelby, almost two years ago with the intention of her being an outdoor dog. Huh, what a joke! She has two indoor beds and one outside and wanders in and out at her leisure. Her dog kennel has barely been used.

When she arrived she was very anxious with all the different noises that she wasn't used to. Eg. Stirring a cup of coffee, TV, or microwave.

A lot of time and money has been spent training her and only now are we seeing her true personality, which at times is quite hilarious.

Early days led to six stitches in my head from a bite and a scar on my arm from another bite. Some would say I had to learn the hard way. We are glad we persisted with her as she nearly went back to GAP at one stage early on in the adoption because of the biting. For the most part we have worked her out and she has gotten used to us as well.

It has been an interesting and rewarding experience. She is happy to follow you around, is fabulous company, and at times is very entertaining.

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