Sharpie (shar pei x staffy) was handed to the local animal shelter as a stray in Jan 2021. When they took her to get desexed they discovered she was pregnant. I couldn’t adopt her pregnant so I was asked if I wanted to foster her. She was very standoffish and wouldn’t approach me for the few days I visited her in the shelter. I couldn’t leave her alone and had never fostered before or helped a pregnant dog. I took on the challenge and did a lot of research. She unfortunately had a large prolapse and needed surgery 5 weeks into her pregnancy and lost her babies. I was constantly checking on her during her recovery. Post revovery was a tough road of overcoming behavioural issues, she was scared of people and dogs. My neighbour complained to council about her barking and PMAWS provided no support. Sharpie has empowered me to start my own dog rescue here, one that will focus on rehabilitating dogs with behavioural issues. The animal shelter here needs a rescue prepared to take the time to save these dogs. Sharpie now knows basic training, trusts people again and gets on well with my dog.

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