Shakey came into my care with severe cat flu at three weeks old. There was something different about Shakey. Our vet diagnosed him with Cerebellar Atrophy. This affects his balance, coordination and depth perception. His mobility is affects in a huge way. The vet suggested that I put him down, but watching this little kitten, I knew he had an extreme desire to live. Shakey and I worked together to find ways to help him cope with his disability.
He learnt how to adapt to his condition, while I made his environment safe for him. He learnt how to climb cat towers and climb on the couch where he loves to sleep. The cat tunnel was a fantastic place for him. He could navigate through them bouncing off the walls.
Shakey continued to grow in confidence and loved to go outside to enjoy the sunshine watching birds (which he could never catch).
Tragically, Shakey lost his life to an unfortunate accident. Being a Foster carer is rewarding, but can be heart-breaking! It is about giving our animals the best life that is possible for them. Sometimes these lives are not long, but they are as important as any other life.

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