Shadow was a 6-year-old Affenpinscher, who came to us through Bree (Foster Mum) at Homeless Hounds. Just seeing Shadow, we knew he came from a sad background. He was a stud on a puppy-farm, so we knew his health and his trust of humans would be really poor. We guessed right. 1 year, 2 months and 13 days on, Shadow's health is so much better, his hair won't grow back fully but his confidence is slowly growing and he's beginning to learn to play, enjoy picnics, meet other people and become nice friends with the neighbourhood dogs. Mainly, like all rescues, Shadow loves his routine and he even is learning to love getting treats. He is the heart of our home and we can't thank Homeless Hounds enough for choosing us to be Shadow's forever family and mums. Shadow is the proud owner of his own TikTok page, with over 200 followers now, who all love to see his progress. Enjoy one of his videos. 🙂 xxx

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