Shadow was a very timid femsle kelpie cross who had been abandoned after her owner passed away. It was 6 months before anyone noticed she had been forgotten. Shadow was so frightened of people that the day we met shevwad curled up in a corner of the yard trying to hide in a hole in the ground. The shelter attendant had tp place her in on the floor in the back of the car for us to take her home. When we tried to get her out, she was so frightened she soiled the car and ground several times. She shhok from head to tail constantly whenever we went near her. It has taken 6 months of TLC before we managed to get her to go for a walk on the lead. She still shys away from us when we go near her except for my daughter Christie who she has slept with from day 1. She absolutely adores Christie and follows her everywhere and gets so excited when she gets home from work. The rest of us are so jelous of Christie, but hope that one day we will get the same reaction. We all love her to bits.

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