He is my Christmas miracle. After almost 6 years in Australia and after having overcome sad losses in our lives, my niece and my husband decided to adopt Serafin for me. He would be my Christmas present. He arrived on December 7 a very special day for me because in Colombia my native country is celebrated “the candles’ night” and Christmas officially begins. When they arrived with Serafin they asked me to close my eyes and then when I opened them he was there, small, defenseless and super nervous. I could only cry from the emotion I felt. At first we did not know what name to give him but after thinking about it for 3 days I decided that he would be called Serafin because he was an angel and he has been my angel from that day until today. We don't know that how would be our lives without him. we sleep together, we play, we pamper each other and we are always there for each other. I know there are a thousand more stories of love and compassion but Serafin's is my favorite story. thank you my angel for lighting my life!

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