We adopted Scout (Corgi cross) when he was about 5 months old. He'd been wandering around the bush, surviving on insects with a massive tick infestation. The first night he managed to pee into a power point and short the whole house, he proceeded to chew up anything left lying around but only ever one shoe in a pair (on the bright side we tidied us our stuff). He had an obsession with chasing wheels – especially moving car wheels. So, off to puppy school – which he disrupted terribly – he was more suited to a private tutor, thankfully things got a lot better. He's now 6 years old and is a very good boy! Much better behaved than my teenage children – he's obedient, walks nicely, goes to the beach (off lead) every day and at night, when asked, goes immediately outside for a pee before bed. There are two things that really surprised me about adopting Scout – the first, how clever and cheeky he is, and the second is how much we love him and how much he loves us.

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