My baby was found with her brother in Roma, malnourished and on the brink of death. On the drive to Brisbane, he passed, leaving Scout. She was hand reared by her foster mum and has grown up into an affectionate, cheeky cat. When I saw Scout's profile, I begged my housemate to just let me email and enquire to see if the foster mum could keep her for a few week while his own cat settled in to our new home (we just moved). I poured my heart out in an email to Amanda about how I've grown up with and lived with cats my whole life; and keep getting attached to my housemate's cats. Scout is my beautiful baby girl. She filled the missing piece and healed me from missing my previous housemate's cat. She's a spoilt queen and loves her sister, Freya, and her Uncle Andy. She's a special one, in general and to me.

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